After more than forty years, the composer has recovered and transcribed the salient themes of the original soundtrack which, at the time, was the first case of a musical score for a film entrusted only to a jazz quartet.
The formation used is the same as the original, but only Gaslini at the piano is present.
As in the old quartet even in this year’s formation, the final three themes (Blues dell’ alba, Lettura della lettera, Finale) are a rare and valuable example of how a functional music is subtly transformed into the protagonist of the drama.

The formation will plays the themes of La Notte, this time on still images, the long party scene at the Country Club of Barlow, to take the path on the final sequence of the film, the legendary reading of the letter of Jeanne Moreau to Marcello Mastroianni.



Giorgio Gaslini piano
Roberto Bonati double bass
Roberto Dani drums & percussions

And with
Riccardo Luppi sax